Why Dark Chocolate?

Why Dark Chocolate?

October 05, 2021

Ever wondered what makes NuGo bars so absolutely delicious? It’s because they’re dipped in healthy, melt-in-your-mouth, REAL dark chocolate. Made straight from cocoa beans and cocoa butter, our REAL dark chocolate gives our bars their smooth and decadent taste that is absolutely unforgettable. 

How to Choose REAL Dark Chocolate 

When comparing dark chocolate to milk or white chocolate, the ingredients differ slightly, which positively affect the overall nutritional composition of dark chocolate. The most important thing however, is being able to recognize REAL dark chocolate. REAL dark chocolate is made only from the cocoa bean, a superfood packed with nutrients. 

You may be thinking: What is the best way to differentiate between REAL dark chocolate and dark chocolate that has been modified? The answer is pretty simply, make sure to read the ingredient list! REAL dark chocolate will always contain cocoa powder (chocolate liquor, chocolate, unsweetened chocolate), cocoa butter, and sugar. However, if palm oil is listed in the ingredients list, it is not real because palm oil is what is often used to replace the healthy cocoa butter that is derived from the cocoa bean. This process negatively hinders the quality, taste, and nutritional value of the dark chocolate. Unlike milk and white chocolate, dark chocolate does not contain milk. This gives the dark chocolate a rich taste and colour. Both the cocoa-containing ingredients, cocoa powder and cocoa butter, are the most significant ingredients found in dark chocolate. These two ingredients are key and provide the health-promoting properties that are often associated with dark chocolate. 

Another way to tell if your dark chocolate has been adulterated is to see if the chocolate melts in your mouth or not. If the dark chocolate does not melt and instead stays in that sweet, waxy texture, then it contains palm oil. This is because palm oil raises the melting point of chocolate above average body temperature. 

Benefits of Dark Chocolate 

The flavonoid properties of eating dark chocolate are one of its most highly researched potential health benefits. Flavonoids act as antioxidants in the body and are compounds found in many foods that are derived from plant sources. These compounds are linked to potential heart health benefits such as decreasing risk for cardiovascular disease, lowering blood pressure, decreasing “bad’ cholesterol and increasing ‘good” cholesterol, and improving flexibility of blood vessels. With its plentiful health benefits, you can enjoy the indulgent taste of dark chocolate melting in your mouth. 

Aside from all the health benefits, it is crucial to note the moderation is key. Having a moderate amount of dark chocolate from a nutrient dense source is an excellent way to make it a part of a healthy diet. NuGo bars are covered in just the right amount of dark chocolate, making it easy to satisfy your chocolate craving without overindulging and you get the added benefits of protein. 

 Check out NuGo Dark Chocolate bars for the perfect nutritious and tasty snack.