Discover NuGo bars for your lifestyle.


People with diabetes can finally enjoy a low glycemic snack bar with high protein that helps minimize sugar spikes and crashes. NuGo Slim® was tested by the GI Labs in Toronto, CA attaining a low glycemic index of under 29! This certifies that NuGo Slim® has a minimal effect on blood sugar levels while allowing you to indulge in the delicious dark chocolate snack you crave.  Looking for cookies? Look no further, NuGo Perfect Cookie® the only low sugar vegan protein cookie with just 1-2g of sugar.

Low Carb

We know how hard it is to find delicious snacks that align with your low carb needs. NuGo Slim® and Smarte Carb® protein bars are here to help on your low carb diets. Indulge in a low carb protein cookie with the NuGo Perfect Cookie. It’s a lifestyle that requires a lot of discipline, but with these bars and cookies you can fill up on-the-go with snacks you actually enjoy.

Weight Watchers

Low in points, high in flavor. NuGo® has 5 product lines with only 3-6 points per serving on the SmartPoints® scale. Whether you decide to indulge in NuGo Slim® or treat yourself to a NuGo Perfect Cookie®, you won’t have to sacrifice points or flavor.


We understand that being vegan is not only a diet but a lifestyle. We make sure you can meet your cravings while also meeting a vegan lifestyle. At NuGo®, all of our real dark chocolate is vegan. We have over 20 delicious vegan bars packed with plant protein. What’s more? Try our eight plant-based protein cookies to meet all of your cookie cravings.

No Soy

Whether you have an intolerance, allergy, or you’re looking to avoid soy, NuGo has great tasting product lines that contain no soy. Just pick your protein or fiber, and dig in!

Gluten Free

Indulge with confidence in our certified Gluten-Free product lines. NuGo gluten free bars & cookies have high protein & great flavor - no sacrifices here!

High Fiber

Diets rich in Fiber are beneficial for weight management, regularity and overall well-being. NuGo® offers a variety of products with high fiber and delicious taste. Getting your fiber doesn't have to come from powders, pills, or chalky supplements. You can have taste, texture, and health benefits all in one delicious treat!


NuGo bars are already considered good snacks for dialysis patients, and we want to continue helping more people. Packed with high protein, and with low potassium k and phosphorus pH, our bars are the superior option for post-treatment replenishment.